• When using the Buckrake trucks weren't getting held up at the bunk like they were with a blade... Tony - Pouliot Farms.

  • No more balling or riding up over the pile when using the Buckrake.... Logan - Diamond Hill.

  • It allows us to get the feed onto the pile quicker, which allows more time for packing... Scott - Mangan Custom Harvesting.

  • The visibility through the gate on the Buckrake is excellent... Wendell - Green Mountain Dairy.

  • The Buckrake makes it much easier to spread the material and we've seen a big improvement in feed quality... Warren - Hood Farm.

  • The choppers kept getting larger and we weren't able to handle the capacity, so we were looking for a solution... Kyle - Machine Opperator.

Watch Pouliot Farm Testimonial

Hear from a Vermont Farm milking 500 head and have been running a Buckrake for over two years now.

Watch Interview

View a testimonial from a custom harvester that runs Buckrakes on 10 different farms in the Northeast.